Nudes throughout the years

Looking at Paul’s nudes over 55 years Out of all the subject matters that Paul has painted over the last 55 years, there is probably none so fitting to use as an example of how diverse his styles have been, as the female nude.  As most art students do, Paul studied life drawing.  At the…

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The Beginnings – Part 2

The Story of Joanne On the opposite side of the world, in Canada, my mother Joanne, was born in Vancouver, to William and Jesse Georgina Davey. William, of British descent, was born in Vancouver. He grew up in one of the first Point Grey homes overlooking Spanish Banks and his father, owned one of the…

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The beginnings

Why Ygartua art chronicles? I never imagined that I would start writing a blog about my father even though I have always imagined showing the world his work. Writing doesn’t come as naturally to me as creating art. I suppose it isn’t that surprising after all, since I spent my entire childhood around a painter…

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