Episode 29: United in History, Bella Bella Mural, 2013

Paul Ygartua’s paints a mural in honour of the Heiltsuk Nation and Bella Bella community Welcome back after a long holiday break!  Today we’re back in BC, Canada and we’re heading far North to the home of the indigenous Heiltsuk Nation, Bella Bella.  In 2013, Paul is commissioned to paint the mural, entitled “United in...

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Episode 28: A mural for Gorliz Bizkaia, 2010

Paul Ygartua’s cubist style mural in the Basque Country Join Ed, Paul and Joanne this week as we head to the birth town of Paul’s father in the Basque Country, where he paints his first cubistic style mural in 2010. The beautiful beach town of Gorliz is home to some of the most gorgeous scenery...

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Episode 27: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico & Ely, Nevada, 2001

Paul Ygartua in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and Ely, Nevada Let’s head south to the beautiful Mexican resort city of Cabo San Lucas! Paul and Joanne travelled back and forth to Cabo many times over a period of 8 years, during which Paul painted for the Golden Cactus Gallery there. His subject matter ranged from...

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Episode 26: Beachcomber Millennium Mural, part 2

Largest Mural by Paul Ygartua in Surrey BC Canada We’re back in the year 2000 today, as Ed continues his discussion with Paul and Joanne about the Beachcomber monumental mural and as well as the Chagall inspired dome painted in the factory’s boardroom.

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Episode 25: Beachcomber Millennium Mural, part 1

Millennium Beachcomber Mural in Surrey BC by Paul Ygartua Join us today for an exciting episode. Ed is talking with Paul and Joanne all about the Beachcomber Millennium Mural in Surrey BC. At the time, this was the largest mural painted freehand by one person. 31 faces of over 3 metres high each and he...

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Episode 24: Styles, Shows & Patrons of the 90s

Paul Ygartua continues to explore new artistic styles and techniques We’re heading back into the 90s today and exploring all the styles that Paul added to his repertoire during this productive decade. As Paul and Joanne continued their international travels they were also trying to reach a wider audience by participating in large art shows...

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Episode 23: Venice and Seville, 1991-1992

Venice and Seville by Paul Ygartua Join us today as we head to the Venice Carnaval and then to the exciting city of Seville in Spain during the early 90s. Paul and Joanne talk to Ed about the importance and the meaning of the masks over the years in Paul’s work.

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Episode 22: The Cannes Film Festival and the Harley Davidson

Paul Ygartua: the Cannes Film Festival and the Harley Davidson We’re back to the South of France today, talking about the Cannes Film Festival and Paul’s encounter with the Harley Davidson community there which led to him painting his super realistic Harley Davidson series. You’ll be surprised at how long it took him to paint...

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Episode 21: Living in Cannes, 1990

Paul Ygartua’s life in Cannes in the 90s Sit back and relax as we head to the French Riviera. In today’s episode, Ed talks with Joanne and Paul all about their life in Cannes. They would spend the next 8 years going back and forth between the South of France and Vancouver, spending one year...

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Episode 20: Revisiting Chemainus, 1989

The physical risks and challenges of being an artist Welcome back to Ygartua Art Chronicles after our long summer break! Our host Ed is back today with Paul and Joanne to discuss the plexiglass style in more detail, their next year long trip to France, as well as an unfortunate accident in Chemainus that could...

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Episode 19: A New Style in Québec City, 1987

Vancouver artist, Paul Ygartua, develops his own unique style on plexiglass in Québec City in 1987 We head 4000 km East today, as Paul, Joanne and kiddoes settle down in chilly but beautiful Québec city. With our fantastic host Ed, we find out all about life in this part of Canada and Paul’s new and...

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Episode 18: Expo 86, Part II

Paul Ygartua talks about painting the Expo 86 mural in Vancouver BC Join Ed today for Part 2 of the Expo 86 mural in Vancouver, as he chats with Paul and Joanne all about the technical and artistic challenges involved in painting a mural of this scale as well as the media attention that resulted...

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