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Episode 7: Heading South to Mexico, 1970

Canadian artist, Paul and Joanne Ygartua, spend six months living and painting in Mexico in 1970. Once again, our awesome host Ed takes us on some new Ygartua adventures as they head South to Mexico. Go back in time to 1970s Mexico with Paul and Joanne Ygartua as they recount their exciting time discovering a…

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Episode 6: The Apollo Gallery, Vancouver 1970

British born artist Paul Ygartua begins his career in Vancouver at the Apollo gallery in 1970. We’re back in Vancouver during the winter of 1970, as Ed talks to Paul and Joanne about their first gallery opened with Joanne’s father William Davey in Kitsilano. The Apollo gallery was a success from the start and became…

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Episode 5: Back to Europe with Paul and Joanne in 1967

Paul and Joanne Ygartua set off for their first European adventure together. In this episode, Ed Hoskin chats with Paul and Joanne about their journey hitch-hiking through Europe in their early 20s, finding jobs in England, Spain and Germany, as well as Paul’s true beginnings making a living as an artist. As always, we hope…

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