Episode 8: Destination Greece, 1972

Paul and Joanne Ygartua head for Greece and spend 4 months travelling, painting and camping on the beach.

Lots of fun to be had today with Ed! In their transformed British utility van, Paul and Joanne head to Greece through Albania. Their first destination is Corfu, where Paul immediately finds work with 3 local galleries. Painting and living out of their van, they had a pretty amazing life!


If you listen to Episode 8 of our podcast, you’ll hear all about Paul and Joanne’s white commercial BMC van converted into a camper/studio van. Well if you look closely, you can see it in this picture parked next to the beach in Agios Nikolaos!

ygartua greece 1972 artist

Look closely! Yes that is an octopus drying on a clothes line😅
Another priceless picture from Paul and Joanne’s adventures in Greece in the early 70s. 


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