canadian artist

A Little Teaser

Just a little teaser of what is to come next week! Join us next week as Ed Hoskin interviews Paul Ygartua about his childhood in England and the Basque Country.

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The Native Series-part 2

Before I begin the next part of the Native series story, let me first say that everything I am writing about has been related to me by my mother, Joanne Ygartua. She has an incredible memory and I hope that I have inherited this from her and that one day I will be able to…

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Nudes throughout the years

Looking at Paul’s nudes over 55 years Out of all the subject matters that Paul has painted over the last 55 years, there is probably none so fitting to use as an example of how diverse his styles have been, as the female nude.  As most art students do, Paul studied life drawing.  At the…

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