Expo 86

Episode 17: Expo 86, A World United

“A World United” Expo 86 mural by Canadian artist Paul Ygartua Hard work, perseverance, unwavering optimism, relentless confidence and a series of fortunate events… is what it took to bring about the Expo 86 “A World United” mural. Join Ed today as he chats with Paul and Joanne about Vancouver’s Expo 86 as well as…

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Paul Ygartua, muralist

Canadian artist and muralist Paul Ygartua takes on the massive Expo 1986 United Nations Pavilion mural in Vancouver, BC Paul Ygartua, Canadian art, UN Pavilion mural, 1986 Expo In 1986, Paul Ygartua painted the “World United”, UN Pavilion Mural at the 1986 Expo in Vancouver. It was the International Year of Peace and the United…

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